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Customer Service

  • Drive-in estimates available
  • Knowledgeable staff that can assist the customer with all stages of the insurance process
  • Semi-private office for field adjusters
  • Pick-up and delivery of customer to their home or work location
  • Flexible hours for after-hour drop off or pick up
  • Conveniently located near rental car facilities to provide our customers with timely service and reliable vehicles
  • Alarm system provided by Patriot Security Systems
  • Enclosed and lighted storage area with inside storage available
  • 24 hour towing located next door

Written Warranty

  • Metal Works - Lifetime limited
  • Painting - Lifetime limited
  • Mechanical Repairs - Lifetime limited
  • Stripes and Decals - one (1) year limited


  • Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau

Employees trained in OSHA's "Right to Know" regulations

Employees practice "Safe Work" habits


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